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Generate value and control everything from one place!

Control and convenience

You can easily access agreements, prices, discounts, invoices and more from your partners.

Make yourself visible globally

Make your company visible at a global scale. Find and create new partnerships in an instant.

Furniture and interior design

Our search engine enables you to upload and find furniture and interior design items.

Smart communication

Communicate easily with one or many of your partners or colleagues. Create and share information in groups.

Events and news

Create news and events without effort in your newsroom and share your content with the industry.

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Sign up with your company details and share relevant information related to your company.

Setup your public page

Setup your public page with your company logo, description, contact information and more.

Add products and services

Upload your products and services so that members on Supplers can see what you have to offer.

Connect to partners

Connect with other partners and service providers on Supplers and start collaborating.

Find Products, Retailers and Service Providers

We index thousands of products from leading brands so you can explore stylish products from the world's top designers and manufacturers.

A few of our popular partners on Supplers

Blå StationEdsbynGlamoxGlimakraLammhultsSkandiform
ZeroLanab GroupZilenzioLudvig SvenssonPedraliKinnarps
String FurnitureSwedstyleNorman CopenhagenBisleyPiudesignJohanson Design

Why we think you will love us

A lot of people use Supplers for three key reasons

A convenient place for your things

You get a complete overview of all your partners in the industry. Always updated and timely information from your favourite manufacturers and brands.

Availability and simplicity

All of your things are available in one place. Agreements, discounts, prices, partners and their catalogue of products and services. Simple, fast and always at your fingertips.

Global efficiency

Search and find the things that are important for you and your business. Your partners, their products and events. Access the world with a few clicks.



Creating inspiring spaces and environments

Stronger and better together

A successful project requires understanding partners and collaboration. At Supplers we believe we can create the optimal workflows for a project to succeed.

Furniture and interior design deluxe

Inspiring spaces require precision and knowledge but also beautifully crafted and sustainable design. Supplers wants to make it easier to combine these things in a thoughtful way.

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